Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So many books...too many choices!

So, it only took me an HOUR and some help from a co-blogger to finally figure out how to get my LibraryThing widget onto my blog. Yikes. All that and now I don't even know if I'll continue to use LibraryThing!! GoodReads looks prettier--and really, it's that what's most important?? :-)

I think any of these online book cataloging sites are wonderful in their own rights--however, what I am seeing is just how easy it is (or WOULD be...) to spend ALL your free time ONLINE. Between the social networking sites (which I will admit to shunning!), online photo management, reading all your friend's blogs, etc, etc, will anything else EVER get done???

As far as using LibraryThing in libraries--I think it'd be a nice way to do Staff Recommends. Patrons seem to really love it when we do those kinds of displays in the branch--why not take it to the digital and have staff add a book, say monthly, to LibraryThing, that patrons can link to from the website. (you know, that new website that should be up and running sometime in the who-knows-when future!!) This suggestion is similar to the Book Banter account, except I'm thinking more along the lines of a simple 'staff recommends' online 'display'. I hope that makes some sort of sense--I spent way too long trying to figure this out and my brain's kind of foggy!!

Another 'exporation' is seeing what all the twittering is about!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Onward and Upward

So I just played around with Flickr--seems I always spell that wrong!! I've been using the kodakgallery for my personal photo sharing with family and friends and am also familiar with Clark's version, so I don't know if I would actually use Flickr for my own 'stuff'. Especially if it only holds 200 pix for free. (I'm pretty sure that's what I read on the site.)
I think it might be useful for libraries to put up photos of new carpet at a branch, or new book displays--patrons would probably like to see the 'goings on' at branches that they don't get to. It might also go a long ways towards helping them APPRECIATE us more. You never know!!

I feel like I should be way further along in this whole process--but, I'll keep plugging away. Maybe soon I'll be flickr-ing and twittering with the best of you!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New to this Bloggin' thing...

I've been reading everyone else's blogs for several weeks now, enjoying the conversations, and the insight--and couldn't make up my mind which product to use. Most folks are using Blogger, which makes sense, because of the Shared Collections and Programming blogs that most of us are familiar with. But for my very own, very first blog?? Should I use LiveJournal or Vox, just to be different?? Should I go with the flow and use the one I already know?? You may think you know the answer--since, after all, I AM using Blogger...but what you don't know is that I just spent over an hour setting up a LiveJournal account---and then cancelled it because I just didn't like it!!! They have some cool things--lots of themes to choose from, and such--but the home page is too busy, it wasn't user friendly at ALL (IMO, of course!) and well, I just didn't like it. SO, here I am, in the comfortable space known to us all as Blogger....We'll see now if I can get any further along in this wonderful Web 2.0 journey.....